SoarTech Awarded Contract for Special Operations Command Project

April 22, 2015

Soar Technology, Inc. (SoarTech) has been awarded a contract to support a United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) project that focuses on providing user-friendly and real-time...

SoarTech to Participate in Michigan Robotics Day Activities

April 7, 2015

SoarTech will take part in the upcoming Michigan Robotics Day, to be held on Thursday, April 9th. Part of the National Robotics Week, Michigan Robotics Day will be held on the campus of the...

SoarTech Chief Scientist Discusses Simulation Technology

April 2, 2015

 As part of the 2014 SimTecT and SimHealth Conferences held last August in Australia, SoarTech Chief Scientist Dr. Dylan Schomrrow was interviewed about the role of simulation technology....

Automomous Platform Spotlight

SoarTech has become a leader in the development of smart and intuitive human/robot interface devices. By improving situational understanding through our Operator Control Unit (OCU) and leveraging automation through our Smart Interaction Device (SID), SoarTech is working to create beneficial human-robot interactions that include the robot as a true part of the team.

Autonomous Platform